Z-1 Technology Group, LLC.

Z-1 Technology Group, LLC.

Our goal is to help build a secure, robust and reliable IT infrastructure to meet your immediate needs while serving as a solid foundation for future growth. Our engineers are ready to help you fit your technology pieces together in order to meet every business challenge. Our wide spectrum of resources, combined with our technical expertise and commitment will deliver your project on time and on budget.

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Our Goal

At Z-1 Technology Group we have a single focus: helping organizations like yours to build and maintain resilient, pliable systems. Your IT infrastructure must provide the solid well-framed foundation in order for your organization to achieve its business goals.

We help you to harness the power of today's technology in order to deliver sustainable systems. Today's technologies and strategies are designed to light the path for your company's future.

We are here to bridge the gap from conception to implementation and on to administration and security. As your network industry experts, we strive to help you to meet your technology objectives. We employ 'industry standard' best practices to achieve highest quality results, providing simple straightforward solutions, while reducing complexity and cost.

Our mission is to help your network and systems be more efficient and productive, extremely reliable, incredibly versatile and ultra-secure.

Our Resources

We have engineers, designers, administrators and project managers from many of the major manufacturers and current technologies across various industries. Here is a list of our ever growing resource offerings:
  • Cisco Engineers
  • Microsoft Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Storage Specialists
  • Virtualization Specialists
  • VoIP Engineers
  • Design Architects
  • Data Center Engineers
  • Wireless Engineers