Z-1 Technolgy Group, LLC.

IT Services

Let us give you a hand. We are prepared to assist you in all aspects of your IT infrastructure, design, configuration, implementation, administration, troubleshooting and training. Adding valuable and effective support is our goal. New projects, day to day service and upgrade schedules may require you to need a hand in order to bring your projects in on time. Our engineers are trained to do just that. We can provide the services that you are looking for. Problems can occur at any time, and our team is here to help whenever you may need us.

Don't let system, network, equipment issues or security concerns stop you from performing for your customers: at Z-1 Technology Group our goal is to keep your systems and business running smoothly. We offer a variety of service levels including project-oriented, incident based and hourly support options, monthly contracts and incident based support.

Allow our team to become a seamless extension of your current staff. We will help you cross off items on that ever growing "to do list!"

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Desktop and Server Configuration, Administration, Migration, Refresh

Migrate to new platforms with ease. Simplify desktops, manage applications more effectively, better control your intellectual property and tighten and simplify desktop security. We can transform you and streamline your desktop management.

Servers are the heartbeat of your client-server environment. They control user access, serve a platform for many of your mission critical applications and are the door to your lifeline: your data.

As your server farm and data grows, as your application demands increase and as your users and their needs grow, the stress of management can become unbearable. Our team specializes in server configuration, server management, automation, server hardening and administration.

Messaging, Unified Communication, Collaboration Design and Implementation

Messaging has become the cornerstone of business environment. Emails, voice mails, instant messaging and faxing are critical to every firm; messaging has become the central point most organizations and their infrastructure. Unified Communications has evolved into a powerful way to connect your users to the people that they need to connect to. Productivity reaches new heights as work flows and applications can be leveraged to take advantage of the integration of email, fax, phone, voice mail, audio and video conferencing and instant messaging.

LAN | WAN | Wireless Design

The IP design of a network is critical in ensuring easy administration and maximizing performance. It is important to design your WAN and switched LAN for the future. We help you to effectively design your network. Identifying the applications 'on the wire' to estimate the software, hardware, and traffic requirements. We use these measurements along with your and business requirements to scale and then build out you LAN and WAN networks. We help you to define network availability thresholds to create a resilient network design. Once the network is designed and implemented our firm can help you to secure the network and make it safely accessible.

Network Integration and Configuration

As your firm grows and business needs change, your technology needs also change. At Z-1 Technology Group, we understand that your hardware, applications, and technologies are serve specific need for your business; and need to work together. Our team is experienced in integrating your various resources into productive reliable highly available systems, through upgrade, expansion, optimization, design engineering, and or consolidation.


Virtualization solutions are beneficial to businesses regardless of company size or balance sheets. In today's every changing IT environment there are several constants:

  • You need reliable highly available and secure systems
  • Your user's needs are constantly increasing
  • Your clients require services around the clock
  • Your resources have limitations

Virtualization to the rescue, a Virtualization solution can run on your current infrastructure and make a more efficient use of your server environment. It can enable you to cut your operating costs through consolidation and automation ease of management.

Security Services

A security policy is vital to every firm and can exhaust any IT budget. Implementing a strong security policy within your budget is our goal. Utilizing the right variety of tools, techniques and resources allows you to put an effective and stout security defense in place. Security concerns are not merely IT issues; security must be treated an integral part of your firms business!

Disaster Recovery | Business Continuity Planning

Being prepared for the unexpected can save your data, your relationships and your business. Let us help you work through the process of planning for unplanned; unscheduled downtime, service outages, data loss, natural disaster, power outages and equipment failures. Disaster recovery planning truly extends well beyond last night's backup and spare equipment. We are experienced in designing solutions that minimize the effects of these outages and getting you back into production and servicing your customers.

Retail | Restaurant | Point-of-Sale (POS) Implementation

Looking for POS system design, deployment, mobile integration, back-end or web integration? Need to become PCI compliant, need help with your EVM solution? Needed help with API development or gateway process connectivity? We can provide you with the technical services and resources you need to develop, to implement, to customize the solution you are looking for.